Our Family Youtube Channels


Oh Sail Yes The channel with our general adventures for you to watch **COMING December 2015** These will include snippets from the other channels here and there, but this channel is mostly meant to capture the general idea of who we are, the places we go and the adventures we discover. This channel will be ramping up in mid to late December as we meet and learn about our new boat!


Byn Always (The Mom) This is my channel. Its been our family channel since 2008, although I’ve mostly just used it as a place to stick home videos so that the family can keep up with us. This is where I’ll park cooking videos, silly OT *ahem* dog videos and my own personal vlogs if I choose to do any.


Patrick Always (The Dad) **COMING December 2015** This channel is for the DIY Repairs and Tech-Geek Style reviews by Patrick and probably Jaedin as well.


Paris Always This channel currently has a ton of makeup DIY stuff on it, but she will soon be vlogging, doing music and other art type projects on the boat as well.


Abyni Always This channel is for my 15 year old aerialist daughter who is also learning the Ukulele and will be doing many covers of popular songs while we’re underway.


Jaedin Always This channel will be Jaedin’s place to park his own aerial/acro videos as well as some of his more nerdy DIY type things.





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