Brief note on preparing your pet for travel. Microchips and Pets.

We’ve read all kinds of different blogs/comments/etc about taking your furkid with you abroad, and one of the things that has been mentioned several times is that your pet needs a microchip.

Since Tiberius already has one we thought we were already set here. Just in case, I called the microchip company (in this case to make sure our registration was up to date.

Turns out that there are two different kinds of chips in use today, which I hadn’t seen mentioned anywhere else. Make sure that your chip is ISO compliant, which apparently means that it can be read with a universal chip reader. The chip Tiberius currently has is only good in the US and Canada.

So… one new ISO compliant chip coming right up! If you’re planning on taking your furkid along for the ride, make sure that his/her chip is up to date and compliant with international standards.

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