Boat Expenses: Boat Shopping, Survey, Storage, Registration & Travel

Since there was a lot of interest in the cost of cruising post I did about our first month in the Bahamas,  I thought I should add the costs involved in the purchase and related that we did before leaving Florida.

Boat Expenses from July through November 2015 (two more Posts coming soon with the refit  & repairs) 

TOTAL: $50,065 *Includes the cost of the actual boat


  • Seminole Marine Haulout: $1200
  • Boat Survey: $1200 *See our boat survey post
  • Boat purchase (1975 46′ Norman Cross Trimaran) $43,000
  • Boat Documentation & Registration $585
  • Storage for Boat gear (total): $280
  • Travel, rental car, and lodging for boat purchase: $3500
  • Mooring Ball and Bottom Maintenance in West Palm: $300

This is the video from the tour that Patrick did to show us the boat when he first went to see it.  The video is shaky because he was trying to hurry before his phone battery died. Nonetheless,  we are able to see the boat and give our vote.



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