10 Things I will Miss About Being a Landlubber

by Byn

This list is already assuming that of course I will miss my kids more than anything else.  But since they will be getting their own posts, I’m not including them on this list.

Friends… I’m also not including anyone in particular here.  I don’t spend a lot of actual, physical time with friends.  I’m pretty much a family person.  Plus, the friends that I *do* have are the kind that I feel like no matter how long we go without seeing each other, we can just pick back up where we left off whenever we do get to see each other.  That, and I’m sure I’ll be using social media in some form or another, it just won’t be nearly as often.

*If you’re interested in the teenager perspective, here is Abyni’s “10 Things” post and here is Jaedin’s 10 Things Post.


  1. Stores within 5 minutes. The ability to send anyone to the store at any time (that I can convince them to) and have them pick me up anything I’m craving.  My PMS-cravings are legendary.  Tonight, for instance, I went to Walmart to pick up a few things, and because I was PMSing hardcore and craving apparently everything on the earth, I racked up a $299.00 grocery bill without much effort.  Granted, a lot of that was dinner-type food, but still, I don’t normally buy 4 boxes of cheeseburger macaroni mix.  As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I bought that stuff.  But damn, did it sound gooooood tonight.   
  2. Ice cream.  I know, other places surely have ice cream, but I know I won’t want to use up valuable freezer space for ice cream.  *sob*  (Maybe I shouldn’t even try to write a post when I’m PMSing, either.)
  3. Not being seasick.  I get motion sickness easily.  Very easily.  I’m dreading that battle when we’re on the water.  I’m sure I can find something that will work at some point (suggestions are always welcome!), and hopefully I can find something that actually works AND doesn’t put me to sleep.
  4. Netflix & Youtube.  I really enjoy being able to sit and watch something at a whim.  I’m not a huge movie fan like my kids or Patrick, but I do like to be able to watch soJunkFoodEramething when I want.  Thankfully we’ll have our huge dvd collection with us, so I won’t be movie-less, but it’ll definitely be weird not being able to watch the new season of Orange Is the New Black and other shows like that.
  5. The Internet and fast WifI.  I know that we’re going to find some solution for Wifi on the boat, but it won’t be the super fast, reliable setup we have at home.  Although this is kind of a good thing/bad thing.  I’m *glad* that I’ll be forced to disconnect so much and I think that it will really force me to get my priorities in order and
    not waste soooo much time online.  However, I’m already missing the ability to look up any information I want, any time I want it… and I’m pretty addicted to watching SV Delos’ videos!  I suppose it will help that we’ll be on our way to making our own at that point!
  6. Frozen Dinners. Yeah, I’ve become one of those (and yes, another food related item on my list!).  I used to cook everything from scratch. Hell, I even had a clean eating blog for a while. I never would have imagined that I’d EVER buy a frozen dinner.  However, with all of the hustle and bustle of trying to minimize everything here and get ready to move onto the boat, I’m just done.  I don’t have the motivation or the mental acuity to plan meals and be all organized about it.  I have put all of my “meal planning” into what I’ll need to bring on the boat… where I assume I will resume cooking again.Wifi-Hotspots (1)
  7. Baths.  I mean, this is a reach, because I don’t have them that often, but I will miss the option of soaking in a nice hot tub at the end of the day if I want to!
  8. Refrigerator. I know most of these are food related, but I’m trying really hard to think of things and the only things that I can think of are food related. In some ways I’ll miss having a full size refrigerator.  Now that I think of it, maybe not.  Our fridge is always hiding things.  Food gets shoved to the back and forgotten about and we end up throwing out too much.  Maybe having a much smaller fridge again will help with that.  But yeah, I’ll miss having a bigger fridge sometimes, I’m sure.
  9. My cute little MG convertible Patrick bought me an adorable lime green MG this year.  I think I *would* miss it a lot, but the truth is, it was in the shop/broken for well over 6 of the 7 months we’ve had it. 🙁  So, yeah, I don’t think I’m going to miss it that much.  At least when the boat breaks down, I won’t be out by myself having to take care of everything myself.
  10. Oh my word.  ONE MORE?  Can you tell that I’m ready for a change?  I’m really not thinking of much else I’ll miss, other than people.  Ummmm… ummm… I’m sorry, I’m stuck.  Maybe after we set sail and are on the water for a while I can come back and try this again!

What would YOU miss if you had to give up “land living”?





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