Hot Flashes and Preparing for Perimenopause on the Ocean

Ha. That title makes it sound like the ocean is a metaphor for something else that life might throw at you when you hit the whole preimenopause thing. Oh my god, can I just say how much I loathe the term “Perimenopause”? I thought it was premenopause. WTF is up with the ‘peri’? I hate it. It reminds me of the stupid peri bottle that my midwives gave me after Sprite’s birth.  That was painful a

734109_405864112839809_1070461921_ns hell and just the word makes me cringe every time I say it.  Plus, menopause?  Isn’t that for old people?  I can’t be old yet.  I feel like jumping up and down and throwing a fit like a toddler at the thought of ‘aging gracefully.’  I still have a bazillion things to do that aren’t ‘old people’ things.  Maybe I need to reframe my ideas of ‘old people’.

Speaking of which, today, I had my 44th birthday.  My husband turned 44 last Friday.  Of course that means something completely different for me.  As a woman, I seem to be having new health issues over the last 4-5 years.  First my thyroid crapped out on me, and now I appear to be dealing with either MORE thyroid issues or the onset of perimenopause.  Probably a little of both.

I can tell you one thing, after just a few hot flashes, A/C on the boat became a necessity.  Period.  I will deal with my fear of water and boats (and my inexperience with both, mainly because of that fear).  I will deal with motion sickness and learning a whole new way of doing just about anything… but I can’t deal with hot flashes on top of everything else that will be happening emotionally.
I already hate being hot.  I’m the person who needs to sleep with the window cracked open all through the winter (I say cracked, but I mean OPEN.  My husband tends to close it most of the way when he comes to bed, though).  I already got cranky and emotional when I had to be out in the heat. Add to that these seemingly crazy often hot flashes and just… nope.  No one wants to live with that on a regular basis.  First its the heat and the sweat, feeling like someone wrapped a hot, wet towel on the front of my neck (yeah, the thyroid area, which makes me wonder if its more that) and then followed by the most intense PMS feeling rage/anger/frustration/intolerance for anything… followed a while later by weepy, teary eyed guilt over the previous mood.
 Hotflash (1)
So, yeah, I’m going to need air conditioning.
Patrick, of course, had already considered that.  When I brought up A/C, he just replied, “Yep. We’re going to get it.  Not a question.  That is definitely happening.  Most cruisers say its not necessary, but it is for us.”
I love how he says “for us” and doesn’t come right out and say, “Well of course!  No one wants to have to live in a confined space with you, hot flashes and no A/C!”  He’s awesome.
Anyway, blogging/journaling has always helped me work through emotional stuff and I enjoy the writing aspect of just getting things out of my head.  Hopefully I can find like minded women with experience who can offer me advice/tips on getting through this lovely time of life without getting thrown overboard on this journey!



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