Boat Owner? WHAT?

I am terrified of living on a boat.

The thought of sleeping INSIDE a vessel that is traveling on the ocean? HOLY SHIT. TERRIFYING. I feel like I’m going to be crawling into a water coffin every night.

Yes, I may be a tiny bit dramatic, but seriously, scary as hell.

I’m the person who has to really fight not to squeeze my eyes shut when driving on a bridge over water. On a road. In a car. Yes. That is me. And yet, I’ve agreed to go live on a sailboat with my husband and my kids… I have agreed to try it out.

My husband Patrick has asked (begged, pleaded, however you want to say it), but he’s wanted to do this our entire marriage. Financially, it wasn’t a possibility until now. I’ve always said, “Never” or “Sure… take the kids on a boat, I’ll see you when you get back.” But never did I imagine that I would ‘give in’ or that I would reach a time and place where I was still scared, still freaked out by the thought and yet I would say yes.

I guess I never put too much thought into it, because I never really thought it would be an OPTION. At least not for a few more… decades. Certainly not until the kids were all out of the house and on their own.

‘Maybe,” I thought, “Maybe we’ll have enough money and freedom to consider it in another ten years or so… THEN I’ll really think about it.” Okay, in reality, I think I was just hoping that they longer we waited, that he’d just forget about this dream of his!  As it turns out, he didn’t forget (ha.  forget?  This man looks at sailboats like some men look at porn!) AND we have the opportunity now.

My husband grew up with a dad that desperately wanted to take his family and go live on a boat. As a matter of fact, when we were going through the things at his mom’s house when she had passed away, I found a binder of his dads with lists of supplies and provisions that would be needed for a family living on a boat.

No lie, this is the first of his list of provisions!

Me? I grew up being motion sick at the drop of a hat. I avoided carnival rides and reading in the car. I was scared to fly and scared of boats.

Now flying has become just another way to get places, I guess its time to move onto conquering my fear of boats.  I feel excited at the thought of this new adventure, even if the details scare me. After years of my husband doing everything he could to support my dreams, its time for me to hop on board for one of his 😉  And really… I’m just as excited about it as anyone else now!

After looking and doing more research for the last month or so, Patrick went to look at a boat this past weekend.  It was a little more than we wanted to spend, and after a weekend of picking through every nook and cranny (including getting scuba gear and checking out the underside of the boat), he made an offer (much more within our budget) on it.  The seller accepted our offer within a day or two… and we’re onto the next step!

Boat Living coming soon!



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