A Life “Cleanse” and Complete Change of Pace

I’m really excited.  I mean REALLY.  I’m excited about so many aspects of this journey.  I feel like I’ll get to see my husband happier than ever as he finally fulfills his dream after decades of waiting.  I’ll finally get the opportunity to create a somewhat “reality show” type thing during our adventures and really CREATE with amazing video and a creative, witty, fun family (and maybe a friend or two!)  Everyone will have the opportunity to “meet” all of our crew and I’ll intersperse “interview” style Q&A sessions or have one or two or more people talking about what we’ve done on camera.  Think “Modern Family” but on a cruise, no idiot husband and hopefully with less drama 😉

Patrick has referred to this as a sort of life “cleanse”.  Although we have been happy where we’re at, there have been plenty of struggles.  Some of us struggle a lot with depression, and the sunshine always helps.  Most of us struggle with getting into a rut and bad habits (one of which is too much screen time!) and that particular habit will be greatly curbed once we’re off on our journey.  We’ll have the option of the internet when we want to have it, but it will be super slow and not and not at a speed with which we can stream videos or anything.  It will mostly be good for emailing our friends back home and taking care of business stuff via email.  Its both exhilarating and scary at the same time!

`The Turning Point Vacation to Jamaica
The Pelican Bar in Jamaica
JUMP!  That’s what this whole adventure feels like!

I keep saying that I need to eat less wheat, because although I don’t have an allergy, it always always makes me feel uncomfortable and bloated… and if I eat it too often, that feeling just starts getting more and more pronounced and more uncomfortable.  When we’re on the boat, there aren’t going to be a lot of wheat options available most of the time.  There will be some, of course, but it’s not going to be a staple like it has been here.

Abyni and Jaedin get a lot of exercise doing aerial silks and acro yoga, but the rest of us are pretty sedentary.  We all know that we feel better with exercise, but we can’t seem to keep it up with life always getting in the way.  On the boat, exercise is going to be a given.  We’ll be swimming, hiking, diving, walking so much more than we have ever done before.  I’m really excited to see how much we gain in strength and fitness while we’re out and about.  I hope we’re able to develop really good habits that we can continue with even once we’re back on land some day.

We’ll be eating together as a family again.  With us all kind of enforced to be together, with no outside ‘jobs’ or activities, we’ll be able to sit down together at the end of the day and fix a meal and eat and just talk.  I really look forward to that bonding time.  I’m sure breakfasts and probably lunches will be a grab and go type thing most of the time, but by the end of the day, we can all sit down and chill together.  That is going to ROCK.

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Although I *finally* got my car fixed after months in the shop, I’m actually still looking forward to the thought of not driving for a while.  I really dislike driving.  A lot.  Well, okay, it’s a little bit more fun when I’m in my little MG, but usually I just hate driving anywhere.

I’m really looking forward to having no schedule for the most part.  I love the idea of just playing it by ear and staying as long as we want, then moving on when we’re ready to move on.  That sounds divine to me.  The thing I disliked about vacations the most was the rush rush to get there, trying to get flights to connect right, going through tours that seemed rushed.  It will be amazingly cool to be in charge of our own schedule.

So all in all, basically, I’m excited 🙂  Really.  Still a little bit worried about sea sickness?  Yeah, but that’s small in comparison to my excitement at this point!